“I work out at the gym three times a week on Maui, where I live, but what I’ve learned at The Workplace is to better my technique, and that’s really benefitted me. I noticed because of the last three sessions I had, I feel way stronger than when I came here, and it kind of makes me bummed that this gym isn’t on Maui!”

-Kai Lenny


Kai Lenny is a true waterman. He’s taken up an array of ocean board sports, and practically lives in the water. Kai stopped by Santa Barbara and trained with fellow stand up paddle boarder, Tucker Ingalls, at The Workplace. Lenny was featured as #2 on SUP Racer’s Top 12 of 2012, and has an extensive list of first prizes; some include the Stand Up World Series, George Paddle Challenge Elite Race, and Molokai-2-Oahu Men’s stock 18-29.We had the opportunity to sit down with Kai and talk about his true love; the ocean.


Q: What do you like to do?

A: I like to surf, windsurf, kitesurf, stand up paddle. Anything ocean, anything active.


Q: The true question right here.

A: Okay.


Q: If you could be any animal, what would it be?

A: A frickin’ cheetah. (Laughs)


Q: Nice. Why a cheetah?

A: Cause they run bloody fast.


Q: Bloody fast. Are you into any other sports than the four you mentioned before?

A: I’m into the four I mentioned before. I just got into skating a lot more in my half-pipe, that’s really fun.


Q: Do you have any sponsors for the sports that you do?

A: Yeah, the sponsors I have are Redbull, Naish International, Oxbow Clothing; I think that’s it.


Q: Can you connect these three words: training, strength, and confidence.

A: I think all those three things they cycle together. I mean, I think I need to get a little more strength in my legs, and once I kind of do that I think my cycle will be a little bit more complete.


Q: Is there a certain time where you feel like you excelled in you sports?

A: Specific times that I’ve excelled in my sport I think is when I’m really scared. Like if I’m in really big waves, that’s really when I feel like I turn, like a switch goes off and I’m able to achieve things that I wouldn’t normally be able to achieve in other conditions. Sometimes when you get pushed up against the wall, it seems once I break past that wall I feel like I can go on forever.


Q: What’s a day in the life like when you come visit Santa Barbara?

A: A day in the life for me coming to Santa Barbara, is waking up early, going surfing, having some breakfast, going standup paddling, having lunch, and doing another surf session. On this trip, being able to come here to the gym, work out with Perry has been the ultimate ender to the day, and it gets harder to wake up every morning. (Laughs)



Q: So you have the four sports that you do; one board, one spot. Where would it be?

A: Right now I’ve been really enjoying big waves, so I’d say if I could have a 10’3, 10’4 for paddling gun, I would say Jaws for sure, where you can just go out there and pick off some huge waves paddling. It only takes one wave to feel the ultimate rush out there.


Q: Awesome, that’s it.

A: I have a question for you though. When’s your gym opening up in Maui?