Water might not always be the most appealing option when it comes to drinks, but your body craves it. Here are some reasons to throw away the soda, and turn to the “clear solution”.


1. It Makes You A More Effective Worker


Do you need that extra kick at work? While coffee may keep you awake, water is really what makes you productive. Just like your body, your brain is mostly water. (As a matter of fact, about 80% of your brain is water.) So it would be no surprise that water would help you work better! Take a drink to refresh your brain, it will make you more present and alert.


2. It Cures Headaches


Do you always seem to have a headache some point in your day? An easy solution could be water.  A typical reason for headaches is dehydration. So grab a glass and relieve that pain!


3. It Will Keep You Healthy or Make You Healthy


One of the easiest preventive steps towards keeping that cold away is drinking water. By drinking water, your body can transport nutrients to areas where they are needed, as well as keep you from becoming dehydrated, which leaves your body more susceptible to illness. Along with preventing sickness, water can make you significantly better. By hydrating your body it is able to function at a better quality, and will be able to help fight that bug faster than before.


4. It Will Help You Lose Weight


Think about how many times you feel hungry in your day. Probably more than you can count. It turns out a lot of that time you’re actually thirsty, our bodies just have a hard job distinguishing the differences between the two! By drinking water 20-30 minutes before meals, you will be less “hungry” when eating comes around. Along with this, even the most minor amounts of dehydration will lower your metabolism, which basically means you’ll be putting on pounds when all you have to do is just keep hydrated!


5. It Helps With Digestion


It’s not a particularly fun subject to talk about, but let’s be blunt, being “clogged up” isn’t fun. It can ruin your day with endless stomach cramps and make it hard to function. Water is the cure. Well water and fiber. But having water constantly going through your system, will keep your digestive “flow” moving. Plus, staying hydrated keeps your metabolism up, which is one of the key components to digestion.


So grab some water, and keep on drinking throughout the day. Hopefully you’ll see an improvement in your day to day life!